From then to now

It all started a long time ago with a regular car garage named ‘Van Berkel’, literally on the other side of the street, and turned into a skilled company, specialized in armouring cars. Back then Tonnie van Berkel managed the car garage, where he, during an ordinary day at the garage, had to replace a car window of an armoured car. Tonnie wasn’t really impressed by the craftsmanship of this bulletproof windshield, and with a bit of an attitude he thought he could do this different and better. It worked! Customers knew where to find him from this day on, for all kinds of safety retrofits to their vehicles. The company grew slowly, in this specific industry.

sven michels

In 2008 Sven Michiels took over from Tonnie van Berkel. As the new owner, he dove into the world of armour and he internalized the job and the specialized techniques that come with it. A fresh air, while at the same time a booming market, have been quite lucrative. Where there is demand, there has to be delivered too; this is why the company moved to its present location and the amount of employees grew evenly. Meanwhile, a new structure is being built at the back of the already existing building, to make sure we have enough room to meet the growing demand. This way we have an even bigger workspace and everything remains under one roof.

We have a lot to offer; in expertise, as well as in machinery and materials. Within our workspace we have several 3D techniques at our disposal; we can cut, weld and reassemble the vehicle on the spot. Electronic issues are challenges that we are interested in too. ‘Impossible doesn’t exist – it already says I’m possible’, we will always find an appropriate solution.
Innovation and technique are paramount and you can always count on us doing a professional and competent job. Every day, a group of impassioned guys work on the most stunning cars with your safety in mind. They work closely together, with great pleasure and precision, while converting your car into an armoured vehicle.

van Berkel 3d printer